Catch a Flounder when you Enjoy OBX Fishing

Although many types of fish exist in the beautiful waters of the Outer Banks, it is the flounder that many fishermen come to find. There is little wonder why the flounder is a fish of choice for so many enjoying OBX Fishing, and fortunately, when you fish in these waters, there are plenty waiting for you to catch.

The flounder is a fish that is easy recognizable by any fisherman. The fish has a flat body that makes it stand out from other fish. Most other fish have a rounded body. It won’t take long for you to recognize the flounder, if you do not already. When fishing in the Outer Banks, you’ll have a limit on the number of flounder you can catch. Currently, there is a limit of 6 flounder. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy the flounder fish.

OBX Fishing

In the Outer Banks, flounder are prominent from May to December, although the fish might be found at other times of the year, too. The flounder is a fish measuring no less than 15- inches in length, although many catch them in lengths much greater. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see a flounder that is as great as 37- inches in length. Their body is about half the size of their length.

Catching six flounder in the beautiful North Carolina waters is a very special treat. You will stay the day as you enjoy fishing for the flounder, and will likely catch many others as you enjoy the day. King Mackerel, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and many others are also found in the Outer Banks waters.

It is time to plan an OBX getaway if you are a fisherman that wants to enjoy a phenomenal weekend of fishing and flounder. There isn’t a better place to fish!