Health Problems that Cause Cat Spraying

Medical issues affect cats of all ages. Some of these medical issues are easy to spot, while some aren’t quite as easy to catch. If your cat is spraying, many things could medical cause him or her to deplete such action. It is important that you take your animal to the veterinarian for cat spraying if you suspect that it is caused by a health issue.

cat spraying

What Health Problems Cause Cats to Spray?

Some of the medical conditions that might cause a cat to spray includes:

–    Urinary Tract Infection

–    Inflammation

–    Blockages

You should make an appointment with your cat’s vet if you suspect that a medical condition is causing them to spray. Signs that indicate your cat is spraying due to a medical condition includes licking of the genitals, whimpering, or crying while urinating, trouble or refusal to urinate in the litter box, and/or difficulty with normal activities.

Your cat’s vet can determine the actual cause of your cat’s spraying and treat the underlying condition. If the underlying condition isn’t treated, the cat will continue to spray. But, leaving your cat with untreated health ailments is risky and can cause an array of other problems, too.

Aside from medical issues, spraying cats may do so to mark their territory, especially if multiple cats are in or near the house. Female cats spray when they are in heat. This is a sign that alerts the male they are ready to mate. And sometimes cats spray due to stress and related issues. A visit to the vet can give you added assurance and peace of mind in your cat’s condition, whether there is a medical condition that needs addressed or one of the above issues is causing them to spray.