What is the Best Overdrive Pedal

Choosing an overdrive pedal is something that you should do once you’ve researched and learned about a few of the models available to you today. The selection is enormous, but not all overdrive pedals are created the same. If you want the best overdrive pedal, you will need to do a few things to find it.

–    Read Reviews: Free online reviews help you decipher the good overdrive pedals from the bad. Both expert and customer reviews are available for your benefit, so take advantage of the details!

–    Best of Sites: You can find the best overdrive pedal when you use best of sites that list the top models. These sites do all the hard work for you and make life easy once again.

–    Ask Around: if you have friends who are also musicians, why not ask their opinion concerning the best drive? Oftentimes it is friends, family, and those closest to us with the best information to provide.

–    Your Needs: More important than anything else, you should know your needs before you spend any money on an overdrive pedal. If the pedal doesn’t meet your requirements, then it is obviously not the best for you, no matter how many other people like the model.

There are a couple models of overdrive pedals that you should consider when you want to enhance your music. One is the Boss OD SD-1 Pedal. This pedal has an exceptional reputation, a good price, and lots of features. Another popular model is the Fulltone Full Drive overdrive pedal. This model is easy to use, affordable, and versatile. It produces a clan, crisp sound, too. These two models will not disappoint you, but there are there models also available if you do not like what these offer.